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Coversation between M Silmi Kaffa and bimasena regarding plans for the future

Silmi : hallo bima, when does the end of the semester arrives ?
Bima : hi silmi, i think it will be over soon
Silmi : ok, and what do you want to do when the end of the semester arrives ?
Bima : I will go on holiday around the world
Silmi : wow its very interesting for me,and with whom you will go on holiday ?
Bima : i will usually with my parents and my sister.
Silmi : by what do you go around the world ?
Bima : plane is the preferred option for me
Silmi : Approximately what continent you will visiting ?
Bima : I will visit in asian continent, europe continent.
Silmi : what kind of tourist attraction do you want to visit ?
Bima : i want to visit the great wall of china, the leaning pisa, eiffel tower.
Silmi : where is the eiffel tower placed ?
Bima : well it is placed in paris, france
Silmi : ok, nice to meet you bima
Bima : nice to meet you to silmi

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