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school activities

Last week my school made an event that is LDKS ( latihan dasar kepemimpinan siswa ). The event held for three days, starting from thusrday, but previously I was given information about what to bring. There are various clothes and tools. The event starts with a class division, I got class c.
one class consists of about thirty people, then we carry out the opening ceremony of this ldks activity.
    And then the soldier told us to go to the hall. There we singing and being disciplined until twelve o'clock. at twelve o'clock we get launch and pray.and then given the matter of discipline again until three o'clock we get pray and going to barrack. In the barrack we storing goods and then we break until adzan magrib.
   After that, we are carrying out the evening ceremony. then we are told by the army that we must always be ready in all circumstances. after that we sleep. ketika jam 12 malam ada bunyi sirine  dimana kita harus keluar dengan perlengkapna yang lengkap. kalau ti…

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